Sunday, August 25, 2013


.....continuing our adventure into ice dyeing......
After the ice melted, we squeezed out the remaining dye solution and soaked the fabric in buckets of water, changing it often till it was clear. Finally the fabric was ready for the final rinse in Synthrapol.  Kate added an old white t-shirt to catch any excess dyes.

 With the final spin concluded, and a goodly amount of oohing and ahhing....the fabric was hung to dry.
 The piece on the left wool, note how differently it accepted the dye.
 Here are some of Kate's.
.....and some of Judy's.
 .....both of these are my further attempts working with wool. 
As I mentioned yesterday, I dyed some yellow fabric (example above).  Apparently I didn't distribute it well enough on the wire shelf because there was a lot of print visible after the ice dyeing.  Sooooo....we decided I should dye it again. I'm so glad I was encouraged to do it...because look at this result....  It's actually brighter than the picture shows.....isn't the pattern just great?!?
I brought some lace along to play with.  We placed some on the bottom of the dye trays and other pieces on top of the last piece of fabric.  The mottled results weren't as striking as the fabric but we were still pleased.

Be sure to check back for my next post when we move along to a fast and easy method of Shibori using textile paint.

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margaret said...

you have some lovely pieces here, have not seen ice dyeing before but have read about snow dyeing, I presume it is the same process.