Saturday, August 17, 2013


Living in a tourist destination area....we should be taking more time to enjoy the many recreational opportunties. Well, finally we did.

 Many of the hiking trails are not a stroll in the park.  This would be considered by some hikers that are hardier than I, to be groomed....I call it just darn dangerous if one isn't paying attention.
 This one is a relative short hike.....taking us only about 90 mins. but it was a bit challenging since we didn't have our hiking sticks with us.  (DAH!)  It was early in the day so it was still chilly and the haze hadn't burned off quite yet.
 We started at a welcome center located off the Blue Ridge Parkway West of Maggie Valley.....huffing & puffing our way to the top of this knoll/mountain.....  Imagine our surprise to find only this lonely bench in a small clearing.
 Going back down was even more treacherous.  Yes, this is the trail...with stone 'steps' still slippery from the dew.
But oh my.....the views were worth it......  Note to this more often!!!


Robbie said...

I love walking/hiking...and the views you have are amazing! What fun is this!!! Did your dog go with you??

Mary Stori said...

Yes, Sooty 'walked us'. In part, that's what made it even more difficult....her charging ahead on a leash on slippery rocks etc. Yikes!!!