Saturday, August 31, 2013


....OH YES.....the results were better than I expected....yeah!! If you haven't read my post yesterday....jump back to see what I began with and you too may be amazed at the overnight miracle I experienced....grinning.
 Even though this cotton fabric appears to be black, the dye I used was called Bark.....think tree bark in shadow. The first print in deconstructed screen printing is usually not as successful....but I'm quite pleased with it.
 I was sure this one wouldn't have any pattern to it what so ever because there was so much dye that got released.  But once it was washed out....low and behold, it did.  As a refresher, my resist was a whole bunch of rubber bands in a variety of sizes.
 The final print.....the least successful....yet I'm sure there will be a use for it once cut apart.
 The next two pieces  used a plastic sink mat to achieve the texture.  It was printed on tan silk noil.  
 I really liked this second print.
 And finally, here's my wool, again using the sink mat.  Wool doesn't print very well.....not especially a surprise since the surface isn't smooth.  But, heck....I wanted to see what would happen.  I knew immediately the print was unsuccessful so having nothing to lose, I placed the screen over the fabric and ran some turquoise dye through it.  It just might work as a background for some of my bead work.
My second piece of wool got treated with sun yellow dye to fill in the areas that didn't print the first go around. Each time we play with this technique we learn new alternatives and ways to create better prints.  

After a week of fun exploring numerous dyeing and printing methods, I guess it's time to stay home now and create.  I hope you will keep checking in here.

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Robbie said...

Lovin' the 'bark' color and pattern! I can see these being used...with or with bead work...but what's an art work without beads!!!