Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Despite end of summer vacation schedules, nearly all of PTA members gathered for food, chatter, and show and tell.  My camera did not cooperate well, so I must apologize for the poor quality photos.  But, I hope you enjoy them never-the-less.
 I posted this charming basket quilt awhile back.  It was made from 'block of the month' squares won by a PTA member at our local quilt guild. Our group put them together. 
 Member Mary has been feeling poorly lately and since it was her birthday and since SHE was the one who won the blocks....we presented it to her at our meeting.  As you can see....she was very touched.....  Isn't this what quilt making is all about??
 Lynne made this stunning wall quilt using rusted fabric.  She enhanced the fabric by over painting it....which included the addition of the grey highlights.  It was inspired by a photo she took of local rock formations.  Believe person this piece is a stunner!
 Dort has been on a fish frenzy lately.  Her work will be featured in a solo show at the NC Arboretum in early 2014.
 Here's another one......
 Gen....the master of all things made with a needle, has been knitting away.....this vest is a gift for her husband.
 She is so modest about her knitting....but we all covet the socks she makes!
 At one of our last meetings, Barbara was purging items from her studio. Kate gladly accepted this quilt top.....took it home and completed it....
 She likes to 'practice' her long arm quilting skills......looks to me like she has already mastered them!
 Here's another quilt made by Kate.  Believe it or not....she was shocked to have photo requests for this piece, saying it was 'nothing'.....  It will be a donation to our guild community quilt project.  But it is certainly NOT nothing!!
 Barbara blew me out of my chair with this beauty.  Made with silk.....some fusing and hand applique.  She's an excellent hand quilter.....and we all await that next step.
 Barbara also treated the entire group to a large stash of upholstery samples that were gifted to her.  Gen got an early sneak peak and whipped this wall piece up.  I LOVE clean, so visually appealing, just the right combo of neutrals with dashes of color in all the right places.

After each monthly meeting I depart with such gratitude that I have these talented friends in my life.  Whether you sew & share your love of quilting with one pal or 10.....don't you agree they enhance your creativity and give you a reason to keep stitching?!?

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Robbie said...

It is so nice to surround yourself with like minds! We appreciate what each of us do even if our methods or likes are different...we still inspired one another. As you do with your blog readers! You always inspired us, my friend! Thanks for posting these.