Thursday, November 29, 2012


.....and the fun continues, at least for me!  I'm sure there are lots of you out there that get antsy too without doing some sort of 'busy' work in the evening.   For's handwork, usually beading and lately embroidery too as I've been adding it a lot more to my wool pieces.

Yesterday I posted the start of this you'll see the end product.  But please don't jump to the conclusion that this was completed in two days....NOT!  The handwork alone took about 5 hours of stitching each evening for about 8 days I think.

 One reason it was so time consuming is because I decided to couch strands of Lana thread over the strips.  Seriously, I could have accomplished it much faster with a stem stitch.  However, I liked the extra texture the couching threads provided and after all, this isn't a race!
 Here's a for a larger view.  The 'dots' are French knots....another time consuming tasks.....but again....super texture.  So.....I'll be you are wondering...why in the heck didn't this bead crazy artist use beads?  Actually, I  planned to instead of the French Knots, however the only tiny beads I had were very shiny....I felt this piece needed matte ones.

Did I mention I live pretty much in a shopper's void?  Of course I could have mail ordered them and waited a week.....nah....
 The piece developed nicely....for a time I wondered whether the orientation should be horizontal....but given that wall space is at a premium for many folks, the hanging sleeve is located for a vertical view.

LINES  11.5" x 17"
Woolfelt, artist hand-dyed & felted wool, machine stitched & hand embroidered.

This piece is ready to hang as is....OR it would look fabulous on a white mat and framed!  For ease of shipping and to keep the price more reasonable a hanging sleeve is attached.


Eileen said...

Tomorrow already! Love how it turned out!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the progress made on this piece,it's looking good. Visiting from Nina Marie's linky party:)

Deborah OHare said...

Also from the linky...
Your choice of stitches has taken this to another level.