Monday, November 5, 2012

X's & O's

My recent bout with a bad cold allowed plenty of time for hand's 
another completed resist dyed felted wool pieces.

 My stash of dyed wool is growing smaller......I must get back and create more.  I love the challenge and results of working on these tiny pieces.
 As usual, I selected which design to work with, then auditioned beads & threads and began thinking about the approach I'd take to embellish the piece.
 Note, the piece has been pressed and edges trimmed slightly before beginning.  Additionally, I've added a stabilizer to the wrong side to help prevent distortion during the beading and embroidery process.  Even though the wool is felted, it's still rather thin and can easily stretch out of shape.
X's & O's   6"x 5.5"
Artist resist dyed & felted wool, hand embroidered, 
bead embellished.


Robbie said...

Nice (as usual!)...also congrats on Packs yesterday!! Did you see 60 minutes interview?

Mary Stori said...

Oh ya.....anyone who watched 60 Minutes I'm sure is now an Aaron Rodgers......Green Bay Packer QB fan. What a guy!

Frances Arnold said...

Love this piece!! Am looking forward to your talk and workshop in Athens next week!!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me to get moving on some wool pieces this winter. I love the texture and colors. Beautiful work!

Deborah OHare said...

These are gorgeous. They make me want to get to work on my embellisher .

Nina Marie said...

This whole wool thing is so interesting - its like it adds a whole other layer of texture!

Cheryl said...

Your wool pieces are fabulous. Do they have a backing? Are the techniques in yor book?