Saturday, December 1, 2012


Since I'm in the middle of three projects....and if possible I prefer to post them from start to finish with in-progress photos....let's pause and take a look at some storage ideas that have been helpful to me.

Maybe you can share some of your clever ideas too....

 I LOVE re-purposing antique furniture.  Here's a library card file now used for my threads.  Notice I haven't labeled the it's always a surprise when I hunt for specific threads!
 We live in a log-sided home in the Blue Ridge mountains...about 3,200 ft. elevation.  This loft area was probably intended as a study or family's long a narrow but works great for my studio/office space.
Old boxes are my weakness....I have quite a collection.  They are perfect for gathering and storing sewing items.
 This knife block works very well to safely and conveniently store my scissors.
 Ladders are another weakness of mine.....I've got five of them...all different sizes/styles spread throughout the house...most display quilts.  Here I've added baskets to the wide shelves to store and hide more tools of the trade.
 A larger view of my space....baskets and wood boxes are scattered everywhere!
 Lighting is my biggest problem.  Due to the high wood tongue and groove ceilings....I get a lot of shadowing on my work surfaces.  'The husband' researched and came up with this museum lighting system.....even with 13 halogen's still a problem.  What I need to do is have sky lights installed....but we are still hoping to sell our house (if the market EVER turns around) and build a home that is more functional for our life style, so I hestitate to take that step.
Just so you don't think I'm too's a peek at my fabric closet....really a linen closet that is quite deep.  It's always a mess and stacks of fabrics continually fall off the shelves....  My goal is to start making more utility scrap quilts to reduce the stash.  My style of quilt making has veered away from's time to move them out.

I'm sure the readers would love to know any clever tricks you might have developed for your sewing space......

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Robbie said...

Thanks for sharing your world with us! I love, love, love the library card chest!!! It's beautiful!!! Love your room!! Mine is quite small but functional and my 'wet' room is downstairs so mess can be contained! Ha
here's my post on where Kalee and I hang out (pic shows my beloved Mandy).