Sunday, November 11, 2012


Ami Simms, the director of Alzheimer's Art Initiative has announced a record Priority Quilt sale at Quilt Festival in Houston this year.

They sold 1,597 quilts, bringing in $75,000 for AAQI.  This beat last year's sales by $13,000.

To date AAQI has earned more than $855,000 for Alzheimer's research!

I'm happy to report my personal contribution in just the Priority Quilt category has now raised over $2,000....and I'll be working on my $3,000 level goal next.

To learn more, including about how YOU can get here.

Last night AAQI's celebrity quilt auction concluded.....raising another $15,545.
Pat Holly's piece, "Fear of Empty Spaces" (photo below) earned a whopping $3,665.00 for the cause.

Be sure to follow the link above to see the fabulous quilts donated by other leading artists in our field....such as John Flynn (who by the way we can all thank for covering the cost of the AAQI booth in Houston!!), Sue Nickels, Diane Gaudynski (whose quilt earned over $3,000 too), and more.....

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Robbie said...

Ami's initiative is such a wonderful cause. So great you have contributed so many to it. I too have donated quilts to help raise monies. I do feel it's the least I/we can do isn't it! My MIL had Alzheimer's and it's a terrible waste of life. So sad...but hopefully there will be a cure or more help with diminishing this awful disease. Thanks, mary!