Thursday, November 1, 2012


Work continues on the 'simple/clean' tree quilt......  However, with that design goal in mind, one must not allow the piece to become too stark/boring......

 The appliqued tree branches have been kept to a minimum, yet a few narrow additions could help to add a sense of depth and soften the appearance a bit.  

I decided to sew some branches here and there using a zig-zag stitch.  Because I don't do a lot of machine work, my stash of threads is quite puny.  So, I'm revisiting a technique I used quite a lot several years ago (before my heart was overtaken working with felted wool!).  

Rather than using a variegated thread (which yields color blocks), I'm going to sew with two slightly different colors of brown....together as one thread.  When stitched, the appearance is almost tweedy....nicely mixed as in nature.

Thread both threads as the same tension discs and through the eye of a Jeans 14-90 needle. 
 To add realism, taper the points by reducing the width of the zig-zag

Since the stitching was done through only 1 layer of cotton fabric, I pressed freezer paper (shiny side to w/s of fabric) in the areas I was to stitch to prevent distortion and tunneling.

Here you can see a section where a machine stitched leaf stem now joins the tree branch. Note - all thread ends are pulled to the wrong side and tied off and the paper is removed.

Here's an in progress view..... none of the stems have been stitched yet.  Another alternative method would have been to hand embroider the small tree branches and stems....and I probably would have if I had the proper color of floss in my stash.  I really must get out and replenish my supplies!!

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Robbie said...

I'm just catching up with some blog reading! Clever on your trees and the use of the threads!