Sunday, November 18, 2012


What an amazing collection of activities available in this small shopping, blood, guns, & church!

I have to remind myself when I'm out and about to stop and look around.  To take in my surroundings and pay attention to things going on in the immediate area.  I have a habit of walking with my head down....eyes only on the ground which I'm trying yet again to break.

About 10 years ago I began having bouts of dizziness, feeling disconnected, and even disorientated at times, & finally having some hearing issues.  After a long frustrating path that involved numerous tests & doctors, I learned that I no longer had any inner ear functions. (Probably due to either an infection or an injury) Your inner ear is your balance center.....and when that no longer works.....well....your body tries to compensate.  For me that meant never standing in one place for more than 30 seconds, or I'd start to sway! Of course I didn't know WHY I had to keep moving...didn't even realize I was body simply didn't allow me to stand still.  Anyway, other situations such as big box stores (a nightmare for me) and driving on freeways, especially when there are a lot of trucks zooming on each side of my car became increasingly difficult to handle.

Slowly, without any awareness that I was doing it......I began to stop looking side to side, instead I looked straight ahead. Not a good idea when driving!) OR when walking, I looked down at the street/road.  A pile of one hundred dollar bills could be off to the side and I'd never see it!  You see....moving my head made me dizzy....even if I didn't realize it.  With some training, I got back on track and learned to use my eyes to help with my balance issues.  Unfortunately, I let some of that training lapse over time and now I'm working hard again trying to move my eyes more effectively (not my head!) this shopping center sign is what I saw......  This small victory may not be blog worthy but sometimes saying things out loud (or in word form) is a good way to acknowledge a goal....even if I'm only talking to myself!

OH...and the Packers got a win against Detroit in the last few minutes of their game today (sorry Robbie)....Yeah!!!!

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Robbie said...

Well, if you ever get to Florida in the winter, Kay will hold one side of you and I'll hold on to the other! We wouldn't want you to give the wrong impression of 'we' ladies if we have an afternoon Tea!

And Boo Hoo for the Lions...oh well...there's always next week! I mean this Thursday! UGH! don't think they'll win another one with their schedule!