Saturday, November 17, 2012


We spent the day yesterday with friends visiting several spots we've never known about.  

One was a clock shop in Cleveland, GA.....the owner is one of about 4 or 5 authorized repair persons of cuckoo clocks here in the US.  Interestingly, our friends learned about him during a trip to Germany!  I should have taken photos of all his treasures.....but neglected to...sigh....

 Next we headed for lunch then onto Helen, GA....a charming re-creation of a Bavarian Alpine town where we were told we'd find yummy Black Forest Torte.  Shop owners were busy decorating their store fronts as tourists wandered the main drag which has lovely views of the Chattachoochee River.
 We noticed many, many outdoor seating gardens etc.
 Of course a large decorated Christmas tree was already on display.
 And....lookie here.....a quilt shop!
 Next we visited Huge's Sorghum Farm in Young Harris, GA. You can see all the stalks piled in the background.  AND.....our infamous dog Sooty in the foreground.....who had an emergency visit to the vet on Thurs.  We hope antibiotics will take care of her problem.....but personally, I still worried that all the faux felted wool 'rocks' she ate recently is at the root of her issues!!!  This is getting to be one expensive dog!
 There's a self-service shop one can stop by to pickup this tasty syrup...the owner was available and provided lots of info about his product.
 He's got quite the operation going on.....all these buildings are used during the syrup making process.
Traveling with dogs means lots of pit stops.....this overlook explains how folks can come to love this whole entire mountain region......lovely......


Robbie said...

Poor Sooty!!! How's she doing? What's up?? You should travel with a bird and a dog...although, the bird is easy...except in the hotel she likes to scream!

Love seeing your pics of travels! Let's me take a 'trip and not leave the farm'!

Mary Stori said...

Thanks for asking about Sooty.....she's in trouble again today.....knocked a neighborhood little girl down...though we've asked her NOT to run up to Sooty gets Sooty too excited. Thankfully she's okay.

Sooty also has now figured out how to get the lid off the new wastebasket we have which was to prevent her from constantly eating Kleenex that is discarded. Perhaps we'll now just shut the bathroom door!!

Vet reports Sooty's tests confirm what she thought....a UTI infection...she should be good as new that good enough?? Certainly heath wise yes, behavior wise....nah...she needs more work!!!