Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Cheryl asked whether I backed my wool pieces with anything.....  I've blogged about this subject in the past, however after checking my 'labels' (older posts) I realize that must have been ages ago since it doesn't readily come up....

So, the short answer is YES, I always back my work with another piece of wool and here's some tips to get you started.

 This is the back of Root Beer Float..... I fused a piece of bamboo/rayon felt to the wrong side.  It hides the stabilizer and protects the stitches.

If I'm finishing the edges of the piece with hand embroidery or beads, fusing may not be necessary. 

My labels are printed on cotton fabric using my Epson printer.  
For wool quilts only, a fusible adhesive is secured to the wrong side of the label, it's cut out using a wavy rotary cutting blade, and then fused to the backing. 

Hanging sleeves are done in the traditional manner on my larger designs.
But....for these tiny resist dyed felted wool pieces, I use small felt triangles and a narrow diameter metal rod.
Because most of these pieces are not square....before you add the triangles, you need to measure/mark the top of the quilt so the rod will hang level.

I place my finished piece on a gridded mat, and position straight pins on each upper outside edge for reference marks.  Next on the back side, I line up a ruler from pin to pin and mark a horizontal guide line.

The corners are hand stitched in place and a rod is cut and slipped into the triangles and....ta da.....it's ready to hang!

I'm off to GA to teach.  I'll try to snap lots of photos in my wool workshop so you can enjoy seeing how students develop their own wool designs with a little guidance from their enthusiastic instructor when I return!

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