Monday, November 26, 2012


Besides stuffing myself with food over the long Thanksgiving weekend.....I managed to spend more than a couple of hours each day stitching squares.....

 I'll admit to being kinda a type "A" personality......when I start a project, it's a high rate of speed if at all possible.  I try my best to allow scrap quilts to be SCRAP quilts....rather than coordinating the fabric too much.  Naturally, that's a losing battle. Really, I could just have easily selected each and every piece of fabric for each and every block and one position at a time as I sewed.  

However, during one sewing session I chain pieced a whole bunch of center square blocks. Knowing I needed a variety allowed me to try to just pick up cut strips without agonizing over each one!!

But now.....I have only 7 more to go....these will be the small square variety....  At this point I am now going to be more thoughtful about fabric choices for each remaining position.  Hopefully I'll be pleased with the layout and won't find repetitive fabrics/colors next to each other before I begin to sew the rows together.

This may or may not be the last peek you see of the quilt.  You all know what it will look like now.....and the quilting will be simple straight lines....  Even though this of course used a great deal of I look in my closet I don't even see a dent in the stacks.  

I guess there will be more patchwork stitching ahead for me....however not real soon as I'm now concentrating on two projects, neither of which are beaded and my fingers itch!!


Robbie said...

Looks good!!! Guess your belly didn't get in the way for piecing!! Mine did! I couldn't do much today or yesterday! Still feel stuffed but can't stop eating!!!

Mary said...

Love your colors! The blocks do go together quickly don't they? Thanks for the link.

Nanette S. Zeller said...

Funny. We bought a king sized bed this year. I need a new quilt. I was thinking about doing this pattern only using my stash of batiks.