Friday, July 20, 2012


Progress continues on the memorial quilt I'm making to honor my brother which will be presented to Bookworm Gardens in October.  I plan to post a step-by-step blog after completion....but here's some snippets...

 The quilt will feature both hand and machine quilting.  Sadly, all the time spent on hand quilting barely shows on this black and white fabric.
Here's a detail of some beading on the sun.  Note the white basting lines.....they remind me where the finished outside edge of the quilt will be. I always make the "working" outside measurements of my quilts, 1/4" - 1/2" larger than the desired finished size. This allows me to square the quilt without losing any important design elements.
Right now lots and lots of beading is taking place.  Each hand quilted 'sun ray' is receiving attention.  The idea is to accentuate the rays, not overpower them, so only clear and white beads are being used.  Altering the style of beads allows the light to hit them differently which should contribute to the texture and 'light' of the quilt.

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