Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hope you'll enjoy some of the decorating ideas that caught my eye while I was doing docent duties at the Flat Rock Showcase house....

 I personally LOVED these light fixtures....

 The shower curtain isn't very practical but....the clear plastic balls in the tub were a very clever staging touch.
 One lone log cabin pillow.....nicely done in decorator fabrics.
 I've never seen a home with so many alcoves as this one had.....every bedroom and hallway seemed to have one.  BUT.....since I don't hang out in 7,300 sq. ft. homes....what do I know??
 Twig lamp base
 This artwork is handmade paper, dyed silk paper.
 Twig furniture has always been a fav of mine, but 'the husband' dislikes them so we've never owned any.......  These were surprisingly comfortable.
 How cute is this.....a day bed swing located in one of the several covered porches.
The final photo.....another 'staged' bathtub.  This one was filled mostly with tissue paper, topped by silver and clear balls...and one sequin rubber ducky.

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Robbie said...

The dyed silk paper is awesome!!