Friday, July 27, 2012


Historic Flat Rock, NC presents the 2012 Designer Showhouse July 21 - Aug 5th.  I've already posted some photos taken during the set up of the room our fiber group PTA has I want to share how other designers have transformed this house.

The house is 7,300 sq ft., 11.5 private acres, 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 2 half-baths, 4 fireplaces....on and on.  It is on the market for $2,499,000.  Click here see 'before' photo on the realtor listing.

I'll keep the text short....just enjoy.....and or dream on....
 Entrance to loft library from den.
Now....we are in the actual library at the top of the spiral stairs..... This may be difficult to see....notice how this bookshelf is set on an angle?  That's because this section is moveable....when open, it reveals another doorway (see white door) to the upstairs hallway. Cool....when closed, you'd never know about the hidden door!
Looking down from the library to the den.

 Dining room with hand painted mural.
 How cool is this?!?  A dumb waiter, servicing all three floors is located in an alcove of the kitchen.
 Speaking of kitchen.....the view straight ahead is what is probably intended as a family room.  To the right, (not in view) is an informal dining area and to the left is the open kitchen.  Notice directly behind the sunflowers on the counter'll see a wood paneled of two in the kitchen!
Another view of the family room off the kitchen.

More photos tomorrow....there were so many decorating touches to admire.....I guess for those of us who saw the house empty....the transformation is so much more awesome than you readers can imagine.  Try clicking on the photos to get a better view of the decor.

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