Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain, rain

While much of the country suffers from drought, we've had rain for about 7 days straight.....very unusual for our mountain area.

This has put a real crimp in our daily 90 min. walk (forced march).  Our new pooch is a real hot house flower and refuses to walk in the rain.  What lab doesn't like water.....Sooty, that's who!

There was a break in the downpours today and we headed out....and believe me, we needed the exercise.  Lately, we've been marveling about what a well behaved dog she's turned into.  Now we realize that's only because we give her so much exercise, she's too tired to chew up the furniture or empty our bathroom trash container.  Unfortunately, the naughty behavior was beginning again....therefore the minute the rain stopped we grabbed the leash.

She loves to dash about as far as the leash will allow....getting into the roadside weeds etc.  Today she stirred up a colony of ground bees and got stung several times.  We don't normally allow her on the furniture but made an exception tonight because she seemed unusually lethargic and we wanted to keep an eye on her.  Personally, I think she's a con took her no time at all to make herself comfortable, asleep on her back! 

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Robbie said...

I was just talking to my Dr.'s assistant...their Bichon is highly allergic to bee stings...went into shock..recovered after visit with the vet and now they have to carry an Epi pen with them for the dog! Go figure!
Funny...I had to buy covered cans for in the bath's...we just started putting TP back on the roll in one of the smaller far so good. i don't think Kalee realizes the TP is there! Horror's when she does! Hope puppy is ok from stings!