Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here's a final look at the results of our Fiber Junkie marbling marathon.....  I hope our experiments will inspire you to explore a technique that interests you.

 Kate shared some fabulous cotton black/white dot fabric which intrigued all of us!  This is my piece after printing it three times.
I 'think' these are Kate's (top) & Val's (bottom)
 I wish I would have had more of this polished cotton fabric....alas....this piece was only about 8" x 8".  The results are quite pale but I think this will be a piece easily coordinated into future work.
 White stripe sheer...printed twice.
 .....Another white stripe, printed twice using the 'veining' technique the final time. 
 I brought some boring tan silk noil along, despite being warned it probably wouldn't print well.  TRUE!!!  But if you print it 3 times or more.....a pattern finally developed.
 Here's another piece of silk noil using the 'pebble' technique.
BORING.....this print sheer simply didn't hold the paint well.  Some of the failures may have been caused by insufficient time in the alum solution.....or just the way this type of fabric prints.
 One of my favs......this was printed only once on mercerized cotton.
 Print cottons were fun to play with......this detail (after one printing) shows what the original fabric looked like. 
 ......and now look at this same piece after printing twice.
 Mercerized cotton......a fabric that was probably the second choice of everyone to use, behind sheers.
Despite being annoyed at the numerous white spots that refused to be printed, this piece of mercerized cotton is now one of my favorites.

I'm anxious to push myself by trying to figure out how to utilize these fabrics. Right now my energies are focused on finishing the memorial quilt I'm making to honor my brother.  

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Robbie said...

very nice pieces...anxious to see what you do with them as well!