Monday, July 9, 2012


Perhaps you might enjoy viewing some of the printed marbled fabrics....and learn just how far we tried to push this technique by printing on a wide range of fabrics.
 Mercerized cotton.....this view shows the fabric after two printings.  First the yellows/oranges/pinks - next the black 'veining'.  Veining was everyone's favorite method....soooo magic!
 This is the same fabric above (not yet pressed!)....after the third printing where I added turquoise and more black.
Unfortunately, this photo doesn't allow you to appreciate just how fabulous Dee Dee's pieces that were printed on sheer fabrics came out. Many looked like granite or marble.
 This was a disappointment. The lemon yellow nubby rayon dress fabric turned out rather muddy.
 Dee Dee had some sheer samples.....honestly, the marbling looks great on the paper surrounding the fabric....but barely impacted the sheer.  However, I'm SURE there will be a use for it!
 I personally love this piece.....Judy printed it on hardware cloth...without mixing the colors and thought it was a dog. She loved one of my pieces which I was unhappy with, so we traded.
 Here's a metallic sheer that turned out very well.  Sometimes we printed narrow pieces to fill up the tray if our main piece didn't cover all the paint.  No sense wasting all that paint and work!
This piece is can see the unprinted portion on the right.  The design is more typical of what one expects to see when describing 'marbling'.

Believe it or not....I have more to share tomorrow....

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Oooh -- these are so cool!