Sunday, July 1, 2012


Even the mountain breezes are moist and warm......thankfully, it still cools down well enough at night to turn off the blasted a/c (stike that....I am HAPPY to have it....but don't enjoy being closed in). wasn't too hot to get out and explore.....there are so many little mountain towns, so much nature to see and enjoy in these parts.

 Anyone growing up watching the Beverly Hillbillies (or following the show on reruns) might have a double take as I did when I saw this awning.

 Our spring rains have left the rivers running fast for the enjoyment of many a tourist.  This one was packed...and I mean packed with raft after raft coming from the many small businesses that offer this service in the summer.

 A little tamer section and soooo beautiful....
 I was so surprised when we moved here to learn that rhododendrums bloom from June - Aug.  Why I expected them to be spring flowering I don't know.....mountain laurels bloom early but not this variety.  Blossoms are as fat as two or three fists.

Summer is just a busy time of the year....don't forget to take the time to stop and smell the flowers.

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