Thursday, July 19, 2012


Gosh, I was just thinking I was getting the knack of embellishing these small resist dyed felted wool pieces.....but...maybe not so much.

 The colors of this one are particularly pleasing to me...though not a combination I'd have pulled from my stash. just another reason this  experiment in resist dye has been good for me!

As usual, the fabric is stabilized with a non-fusible pellon interfacing.  At first glance, because this piece measures 8" x 12" which is larger than the others I've tackled (6" x6"), it seemed like the embellishment choices would be effortless.
 This photo is enlarge.  You'll see hand embroidery has been I'm still thinking...hey....I've got a handle on this...
 ...BUT....nope, I don't.  It gets worse the more embellishing there is.  Be glad that you've been spared photos of all the motifs that were added and then ripped out.
.....As any dedicated quilter knows.....these pieces really do tell us what they want....perhaps I haven't listened hard enough.  I'm trying to tune in now....

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