Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Designer Showcase at "Interlude"
Where: 125 Interlude Place, Hendersonville, NC 28739
When: July 21 - Aug. 5, 2012

Our PTA group hung our exhibit today at a "Showcase" house in Hendersonville, NC.  Georgia and Gen were the moving forces who obtained this opportunity for us.  Local designers and artists were invited to decorate the various rooms in this 7,300 sq. ft. home which can be toured by the public for a period of two weeks.  Everything is for sale, and from what I spied as other rooms were receiving their finishing touches......there are fabulous items on display....not to mention inspiring design ideas.

Our room was off the master bathroom/bedroom suite.  It was originally used as an exercise room.  We, however, have turned that space into a sewing studio/gallery.
It's spacious and has ample natural light.  It can also be entered via a hallway, several paces from a built in bar...(I guess in case you needed to be revived if you overworked yourself!)
How many fiber artists does it take to hang a quilt? there were 9 of us.....and after a bit of pre-planning, the hanging went fairly quickly.
 We are using the huge walk in closet (which was originally a storage space for the owner's suitcases..yes I said suitcases) for additional hanging space and to display fabrics and other sewing supplies.

 We ended up displaying something like 40 quilts.....this group of women is really a great team.....everyone pitches in.  No job is too big or too small for a single member.  I'm so fortunate to have such great friends.

Each of us will be volunteering to be a docent during this event.  This will give me a chance to take photos of other rooms to share with you and more photos of our completed room.....check back sometime after July 24th for that post.

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