Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Mountain living may be very scenic, but the roads are simply deadly on tires.  I can't tell you how many damaged tires we've had resulting from the poor condition of our roads and how often replacement is needed simply due to wear and tear of driving steep curvy roads.

A big complaint I have about some folks in this area is their total disregard for their animals.  Dogs and cats run freely....many starving and injured.  "The husband" volunteers at the animal shelter, taking photos and posting to the internet weekly in an effort to find homes for those that are turned in.  As of July 9th....Haywood County had already processed nearly 1,700 slow down in sight.

So when a dog ran out in the road in front of my car yesterday, I swerved to miss it and hit a pot hole which ruined my front tire.  Fortunately, I was quite close to home and limped back with a tire that was flat as a pancake.  It had to be as 'the husband' was handling that task.....

.....look who decided to help.  Sooty it appears likes to be in the car.....even the trunk.


Robbie said...

Too cute!

Rita McCall said...

You’re lucky it was just your tire that was ruined. At least you didn’t get hurt. And the good thing was you were already near your house when the incident happened. You don’t have to worry that much about your situation, and your husband was there to fix the tire. You have steep, curvy roads there in your area, so you need to be extra careful when driving. Always keep safe, Mary!