Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've probably got a week plus into the preparation for my Bansky inspired quilt. Yesterday, as I was thinking...yeah....I'm now ready to make good progress.....I hit a brick wall....

Get it? Brick wall?? Sorry, I couldn't resist. It was time to start the stenciling....and that's where it all went wrong.

Because I had done a test sample of the stencil technique I planned to use, perhaps over-confidence set in. ALL the stencils were made, my background was prepared and my work surface all set up.

After stenciling the first one, I let it dry before removing the freezer paper.

However, on close inspection when I removed the freezer paper, I noticed some areas that needed a bit more paint. That was my downfall......I tried touching it up and when that application dried it became sort of milky/shiny looking. My analysis now is that the new paint just sat on the previous layer which caused this mess.

After pouting most of the afternoon I came up with a solution....to fuse my original sample of this motif over this messed up one. Well......that didn't work because they didn't match exactly....the result of having to make a new stencil each time it was painted.

But then after more sulking.....my next idea was to paint the cow on the fabric anyway, cut it out and fuse both of these motifs to a new background......since this background was already runined. It was a difficult decision because I have very little of this fabric which I designed years ago for my Kona Bay collection. In fact, just enough of this color way to do another piece this size.

Now I'm past pouting and am really annoyed.....stamping my feet annoyed if you want to know the truth. The cow required two applications of paint to get it to cover correctly......and though it went on evenly....it's wayyyyy toooo white.

I don't give up easily. But, it's obvious to me the technique has to change. Screen printing would be the answer, unfortunately I don't have the equipment for this kind of detailed printing. So the execution of the design will need to change or else I'll ditch the project entirely.

I RARELY do not complete something I start....stubborn? Yes I am! Despite the frustration and even disappointment, this is how one learns and hopefully something worthy will result.

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Robbie said...

Banksy would be proud of you! He never gave up either! His work was placed in some strange places!! You'll figure it out!