Saturday, June 18, 2011

IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING!*!* my design for one of my new small pieces that will eventually go into an upcoming L.I.N.T. exhibit is coming along nicely.....don't you love it when that happens?

But, just like my still on hold Bansky piece.....I hit a small stumbling block.

I wanted to feature a sand dollar on the woolfelt design.....and ideally, hoped to have a hole through it to make attaching the embellishment easier. There are natural holes in the'm thinking....okay all I need to do is use a strong but sharp straight pin and puncture from the back to the front.

Well....sure I sort of knew these things weren't sturdy....sadly, they are rather fragile.

That was my 3:00 AM thought last night was to forget about making a hole....I can still bead around it or ??, but I know I can get it on. Yet, there's no point in adding such an item if it's terribly fragile especially since I now sell my work....that wouldn't be fair to a potential buyer.

So.....I figured I should strengthen the sand dollar.....but how? Ah ha.....I used a heavy duty glue....positioning the tip of the bottle into the larger of the two holes of my 2nd to last sand dollar. I squeezed until I could see the glue coming out the other hole....hoping it had filled the cavity and when dry, it would make it strong.

Trouble was.....I was holding the darn thing in one hand and squeezing with the other....dah.....
and I ended up not being very gentle with the other side of the sand dollar. If you look hard, you can see a small indentation in the upper left section of the flower.

Happily though.....otherwise, it worked great. I pressed and pushed on it as hard as I could and it stayed intact. Next, I duplicated this procedure on my 3rd and final sand dollar...this time keeping the item on a paper towel as I filled it with glue...... it's time for a happy dance and some stitching!!

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