Saturday, June 4, 2011


Oh ya......the agenda for our meeting also included screen printing..... We had so much fun during our last deconstructive screen printing day that we decided to do a repeat.

We all brought items to use for our motifs......everything from string, textured cardboard, stencils, bubble wrap etc. It's best to use items that are less than 1/4" thick.

Carol cracked us all up......while on a kayak trip she found a bunch of construction fencing.....packed it up and brought it to share with us!!

Here's the arrangement of items I used for my first screen. I cut circles from cardboard and gathered foliage from Val's garden.

Judy and Val had pre-mixed all the dyes the day before and to make our choices easier....Judy brought fabric samples of each of the colors.

Here's Judy pulling dye through her screen......her 'design motifs' are beneath the screen.....

Once the dye dries on the screen.....retaining the shapes of our designs, print paste is pulled through the screen which releases the dye onto fabric we place beneath. We got about 4 prints from each screen. The first one is usually my least favorite because less dye gets transferred....meaning a lot of white remains. this case, I actually very much like this first print (#1 on the left #2 on the right).

#3. on the left #4. on the right
We were all crazy about some flat tin gear looking items.....not sure who I should credit for them.....sorry.... Sometimes we use two or three colors of dye on our screens but for this one I used just one, called 'bark'.

The printed fabrics were rolled in black plastic and left to 'cook' (cure) in the sun......and in my case for 2 days before I got a chance to take them out, rinse them and wash in Synthropol. Now I can't wait to CREATE!!!

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