Saturday, June 25, 2011


My sentimental journey continues......

I've been a huge fan of Rowe Pottery for years and years.....this company has gone through some ups and downs but it remains, now under new ownership in Cambridge, WI. It would be easy for me (if the funds were there) to spend thousands of dollars within 15 mins. after crossing their threshold!

This style of pottery is called salt glazed.....a style I adore and one I rarely see in other parts of the country.

Another Wisconsin tradition is the mandatory Friday night fish fry. No matter where you visit in this state, residents will swear that their favorite eatery has THE BEST fish fry. You'll find them offered at VFW halls, Mom & Pop restaurants, supper clubs, well...just about everywhere on any Friday night.

This is a typical view.....folks crammed elbow to elbow in rooms that keep their Christmas icicles up all year long.

The fish is served FRIED and often family so tender it falls apart, hot and crunchy french fries, and tangy coleslaw.

After that fat fest....who needs more to eat?? Seriously, after this visit, all I have to do is get down on the ground and I can just roll my rounding chubby body back to NC. This unassuming....well, frankly...ugly building houses a very famous Wisconsin business. One, believe it or not, I've never been to before.

Friends of ours have been telling us for years that Kopp's custard is superior to my favorite, Culver's. That of course requires a personal taste test.

Inside the massive building it's all stainless steel with literally dozens of order takers dishing out both burgers and frozen custard.

Kopps was the first fast food chain to feature a flavor of the day......and on this day there were several to choose from. The custard constantly flows from huge machines into holding containers where it's scooped up almost as fast as it's made.

Yes, it was the best frozen custard I've ever put in my mouth.....but Culver's concrete double chocolate malts are still my favorite.....perhaps because I'm such a fan of malt flavoring.

My growing waist awaits who knows what today......too bad I'm not closer to Racine, WI home of the mouth watering Kringle. Hummm....that sounds's only about an hour away!

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