Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday was our June L.I.N.T. (Ladies In New Textiles) meeting. We gathered at Jude's, a creative artist who makes both wearables and quilts. Check out her work here.

With her permission, I'm sharing just a few of her many, many awesome re-purposed items that left me absolutely tickled.....

How's this for a coffee table?

.....and an oh so clever hallway mirror....


All of her cabinets had these unique terrific handles.


This old drinking fountain was on display in her kitchen.....complete with an interesting tableau (below)


On her porch I found this long narrow window box filled with sand featuring succulents and other small fun objects.
This put me over the top......I LOVE yard art......notice the cow creamer peaking out of the first container? For those who don't know about our long standing passion....we've collected cow creamers for at least 20 years.....having now amassed over 200!

Why not cover an outside door entrance with interesting objects?!?

Jude's husband apparently haunts junk and metal scrap yards....he's collecting man hole covers for an outside patio......super idea!!

Thanks Jude for allowing my readers to take a peak into your creative world!

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