Friday, June 24, 2011


Going home always brings back a flood of good memories......among them of course are comfort foods.

I swear the 4 food groups Wisconsin residents recognize are beer, brats, cheese, and ice cream...

I just witnessed THE LARGEST display of ice cream in a grocery store that I've ever does anyone decide??

And the names.....well...they are just too cute....

This row of coolers, just for ice cream had to be a min. of 150 feet long.....

Next we hit the beer section and stood there way longer than was necessary just to pick out one 6 pack.......look at the selection.....

Berghoff is a well known Wisconsin beer.....their company was only a spit away from where we used to live. And of course there's Point beer.....from Steven's Point WI.

Again, this was a huge display of beer, much of it featured Wisconsin breweries..... great to see the little guys getting so much shelf space!

I ALWAYS appreciate being back in this state and appreciate how immaculate everything is. There is no litter paper cups, no cans, no bottles, no napkins or cigeratet butts. Stores and restaurants are sparkling clean, displays lined up just so......helpful clerks, rest rooms your Mom would be proud of. It's one aspect I truly miss.

I'm totally disgusted by the horrible, unsightly litter that is common in much of the South East where we live. It's such a shame to be in this visual paradise only to look down and see trash everywhere along the roadways, parking lots etc. We do our part to keep our the roadways in our immediate areas but picked up but within a few days more is back...... It's a true puzzle to me that folks don't care enough to keep their surroundings pristine. (sorry for the mini rant).

....and finally.......after consuming enough calories at lunch (or should I say at 11:18 in the morning.....I waddled through another favorite of mine at dinner time.......Uno's deep dish pizza.

I'll be paying for this indulgence......but for now .......I'm enjoying every bite.

Hoping you are taking pleasure in some good summer time eats!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Where did you find that awesome ice cream and beer display?
I would have ot say our local store has more beer than ice cream!
That's Wisconsin for you!

Mary Stori said...

From of ice cream and beer were taken at a grocery store in Madison, WI. Pizza at Uno's.

Nanette said...

Oh I'm having food envy. My 3 favorite food groups!