Monday, June 20, 2011


Even though I haven't finished the 'sand dollar' piece yet.....still muttering to myself about how to attach this embellishment.....

So, I moved along to my second idea for the L.I.N.T. theme show.....

This time I used Xotic by National Nonwovens.....a bamboo/rayon blend. It's a super soft the look, love working with it, but one must take care as it is not very sturdy.

The only multi-color thread I had for machine stitching was a behaved just fine however now that I look at the piece, I'm not happy with the results. I'm considering removing the stitching in the brown section and sewing that area using matching thread instead. To me, though I like the's distracting, given that the finished piece will only measure 9" x 13" and there will be stitching in grey section with matching thread.

I'm preparing for a lecture and workshop for the Asheville Quilt Guild on the 21st and 22nd so I may not have time studio time today anyway which is probably a good thing. Often if one allows time to study the piece, the answer will become apparent.

The Asheville Quilt Guild meets at the Folk Art Center at 7:00 PM. Guests are welcome. My workshop is full with a waiting list, however, I'm happy to teach another one in the area if a group is interested.

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