Saturday, June 11, 2011


Spring, summer, and fall......small towns all over the mountains host various types of festivals. Today, Waynesville had their Appalachian Heritage Days. It's a chance for local crafts people to show off their skills and sell their wares.

Such as....wood carvers...

Knitters & weavers who use their own wools

And.....we got to see where these various wools came from....

Hummmm and how we can survive in rural America if our grocery stores closed down.

A 96 year old woman made the most beautiful pine needle baskets..... The center of this one came from some kind of tree nut that was sliced into thin sections.

Even local authors were there to educate attendees. After seeing the sign, I had to go see what they were selling.....a novel about growing up here in the mountains.

Live music.....a well known musician, David Holt was playing his banjo when I snapped this photo. of all ages had play time areas.

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