Thursday, June 23, 2011


This made getting up at 3:00 AM in the NC mountains seem like no big deal, because here I's not even noon and my first stop in Wisconsin is at Culver's! Where I will consume every drop of my all time favorite, high calorie, no redeeming factor, yummy treat.

A Culver's Double Chocolate Concrete Malt. They provide a spoon because it's too thick to suck through a straw......this puppy will use an entire day's worth of calories. Perhaps I shouldn't admit to such indulgence.....oh well......

I'm using the excuse of need some perking up.....after lecturing and teaching a beading workshop to a fabulous room full of students on Tues. and Wed. for the Asheville Quilt Guild. I have to say, my butt was dragging this morning....but of course with all the fat and sugar now streaming through me.....I'm bouncing off the wall.

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Robbie said...

My Grand kids took me to Culver's for the first time in May! Wow! Really good..but we did ride bikes when we got home! good thing!! Enjoy! You did deserve it! Like you need my/our approval, right!