Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SNOW #2, 3 & 4!!!

In my absence.....off having fun with the Colorado Quilt Council......it's been snowing up in our mountains.....snowing, blowing, ice on the roads, and freeeeezzzzing cold.

In fact, the weather was so bad that I made a reservation at an Asheville airport hotel because 'the husband' didn't think he could make it down and then back up the mountain if he retrieved me from the airport last night. However, when I was in Charlotte late yesterday afternoon, he decided he could.....so we canceled my room.... That was BEFORE learning my flight to Asheville was going to be delayed....these darn commuter flights are so iffy. I finally got in....and then waited for over 30 mins. to get my bags because the overhead baggage doors were frozen and the ground crew had to hand carry all the bags in....plus work another delayed flight that was waiting to depart. Such is rural living.

There's lots to share from CQC........stay with it....it's coming soon....

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