Wednesday, December 29, 2010


When we can't be with 'the perfect child' and 'the perfect daughter-in-law' for Christmas.....we've opted to head to Nashville to attend the Grand Ole' Opry which takes place during this time of the year at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

The 'Opry' was held here from 1943-1974, in what was once a church. You'll have to excuse my camera doesn't do a good job taking photos in very dim indoor lighting (or its operator doesn't)!! We prefer sitting in the balcony....and believe's never this empty during the show.

On the left, in the light, you'll see an announcer. The Opry is preformed as a live radio show each week. We get a kick out of watching all the behind the scenes activity that goes on while the announcer presents the commercials and other chatter. In the foreground, in the dim light....the stage hands are preparing the microphones etc. for the next musical group who are standing around yacking to each other. Of course you can't hear what they are saying.....clearly there is no nervousness.....they are all just chatting it up......and then w/o any outward signals that we could see...they step up to their microphones and begin their set. Amazing!

The 4 artists to the right of the Christmas tree are background singers.....however they don't perform during every song. When they aren't singing you can see them wandering around on stage as well. Between acts, a stage hand puts sheet music on their stands....and then every so often they reappear to sing along with the artists. It's my understanding there are no rehearsals for the shows, so it's really remarkable how they can just chime in when needed with just the right vocals.

This is the view of the 'set' musicians.......they too play backup for the various acts.......and are considered some of the most talented musicians in town. When they aren't can see them hanging around the stage....gossiping, laughing, glad handing each other. It's really fun to watch all this activity while the live radio show is being broadcast.

Well, yet's my favorite group, Dailey & Vincent.....the highlight of the show. Their bluegrass music is perfection!

Their current CD is an homage to the Statler Brothers....another famous bluegrass group. I always thought the Statler Brothers were brothers whose last name was Statler. Well......two of the members of the group ARE brothers but their last name is not Statler. In fact, the group took the name from a box of tissues! (which is on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame.)
The Statler Brothers received the CMA's Vocal Group of the Year award six years in a row (1972-77) and again in 1979, 1980, and 1984.

I'm wearing out D & V's newest CD....which features this talented group preforming all Statler Brothers songs. Every single one will set your toes a tappin', such as "I'll Go To My Grave Loving You". What fun it was to see its original manuscript in the County Music Hall of Fame Museum.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to write the words and music to a song? I'm in awe.....

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