Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This was our second visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville......and it will probably take several more before we see and absorb all its history.

This banner caught my eye........doesn't it resemble a quilt?

The newest exhibit on display honored Tammy Wynette (of "Stand By Your Man" fame). Her gowns were amazingly detailed and all blinged out.

Jef Billings designed this white chiffon pleated gown with beaded overlay. It was worn onstage by Tammy and on the cover of her 1998 album "Christmas With Tammy Wynette".

I had to wonder how the gown designer was able to stabilize the fabrics enough to support the weight of these beads/pearls.

This music museum has a little bit of everything. Do you remember jukeboxes? I recall when I was about 10 years old, a girlfriend had one in her basement's rec room.....filled with Elvis records. It's funny how such a long forgotten memory can be resurrected so may years later.

And of course...... blue suede shoes......made famous by Carl Perkins.

There are numerous massive 'walls of fame' (gold and platium records) that are so impressive and fun to study....which will provide you with another walk down memory lane.

Even if you aren't a dedicted country music fan......treat yourself to a visit to this very special place if you are ever in Nashville....you will enjoy the old films, vintage TV show clips, the music, the history, and the fascinating displays....one of which is Elvis's gold plated piano!

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