Sunday, December 12, 2010


This past week our PTA (Piecer's Talkers & Appliquer's) fiber group had our Christmas party at the home of Georgia Bonesteel. (Of PBS TV "Lap Quilting" fame.....and yes, she's as nice in person as she is on TV.)

We always do a white elephant exchange.....which involves drawing numbers from a basket to decide the 'picking' order......but we allow 'stealing' from each other after as the gifts are opened's always a riot.

We enjoy really wonderful food that each contributes.....Lynne brought salmon with a variety of well chosen condiments......

This is a view of Georgia's kitchen, where.....not surprising you can find one of her signature quilts hanging. Her husband smoked the turkey you see pictured on the yellow platter......divine!!

Georgia is pictured here.....3rd from the left as we begin our show and tell...... I just love her red painted panel walls.......

Aren't her socks festive......they even had bells on them!

Georgia is also known for her 'letter' blocks.....which she's made into pillows for her window seat. This is the 'kids' table.......since the dining table wasn't large enough for all 14 PTA members.

We never have enough time during our meetings to cover all the things we want to talk about, show, share, do......happily we managed to squeeze this activity in. Georgia had been given a large stack of Saturday Evening Post Magazine covers......which she had laminated. We were each given 4 and had 5 minutes to study/think about them. We were to come up with a personal short story that any or all of the covers reminded us of. I'd like to do this was really insightful.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: SNOW # 6 - and I'm not just akiddin''s a blizzard, wind gusts 50 MPH......I did not sign up for this when we moved here!!

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Chris Daly said...

Looks like our weather has reached you. 16" in northern Richland Co. Stay warm :)