Friday, December 3, 2010


Traveling the quilting highway can be a challenge......after being woken up by USAirways at 1:00 AM alerting me of the delay of the first of my two morning flights....which ultimately resulted in a misconnection and a 3+ hour delay.....of course I was never able to get back to sleep. I'm a horrible sleeper anyway so it doesn't take much to disrupt my night.

However, I arrived safe and sound and it was worth the trip......

Colorado Quilt Council is one of my most favorite groups to work with. Their biannual quilt symposium held in Estes Park is very well respected. They certainly know how to host their guest's a view of the bedroom area of my SUITE for this visit.

And here's about one quarter of the living room area. And for all of you who keep up with my already know what a hotel snob I you also know........I'm in bliss.

My buddy Bobbie Aug picked me up from the airport....she claims I now owe her $254.....the cost of her shopping trip spent while waiting for my late flight to arrive. Fortunately, I don't think she'll hold it against me......since she gifted me (and my other buddy Gwen) a beautiful hand turned wooden seam ripper. Besides its good looks, it's very well balance and feels great in the hand.

Quilting has enriched my world in so many ways, but none more than adding so many friends to my life. I'm guessing you all feel the same way??

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Robbie said...

There's always some good with the bad isn't there! Love the wooden seam nice! I do agree with you on hotel rooms!!! Heck, I figure I pay enough for a nice, clean that's what I expect (ok, and a little more!)..ha