Saturday, December 18, 2010


The Fiber Junkies Christmas party was the perfect way to end the year, celebrating the love of crafts with good girlfriends.

We had a guest join our gathering.....a "cover girl" Dee Dee Triplett is a master doll maker....with many other great skills to her credit as well. She regularly shares her talents through workshops she teaches at John C. Campbell.

Dee Dee was in the same deconstructive screen printing class earlier this year that Judy Simmons took and shared with our group. Dee Dee printed these huge leaves.......isn't the detail great?

......and more

Carol Sloan brought some more finished books.......honestly, can this girl get any more creative?

The inside cover of this one had a small patchwork pocket made from an antique quilt.

She also has used textiles as pages.....what a wonderful way to show off vintage treasures that may be soiled/stained in some areas and are now unsuitable for their original purposes.

Val has been dying tissue paper......then backing it with fabric......then incorporating stitches to create one layer which will find its way into some of her work. She 'may' have painted a coating to the top layer......I'm not sure what. Like I've explained....our show and tells is fast and furious......there is so much talent in this group. Each piece that is shown......we all yell.....I wanna learn that...... So, I'm sure there will be a lesson soon and when that happens.....I'll be sharing it with you!

Val also blew us away with these...... She took a panel of 4 deconstructed screen printing images that were done at one of our meeting. While I'm still trying to figure out how to utilize mine.....Val has jumped ahead and added more to hers. She will be framing them individually to be sold as one unit.

She screen printed a dotted design over her original....and then added more color in some areas. And this is what really made my head explode....with a fine line black pen....she outlined some of the more prominent motifs in her design to give the piece an entirely new look.

Here's one with the new layer of screen printing outlining has been done yet.....

Here's another......look how she altered the entire piece with these additions. My mind doesn't even think this way.....or so I thought when she was showing them. But alas.....we each have our own passions....mine being beading...... I now have a few ideas to explore for my pieces.

Though I've complained (me complain??) about the unexpected cold and snow last winter and now this probably couldn't yank me away from here if you tried. And that's due to the unbelievably talented, generous, and fun pals that have so enriched my life in a place called Western North Carolina!

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Vicky F said...

Hi Mary,
I can see where you would be bummed about the snow when you thought you left that stuff behind in Wisconsin. I guess even Florida is cold this year, so maybe you'd have to go to the equator to be warm!

Thanks for showing us all the goodies from your fiber group! Vicky F (West Mich, yes it's snowing right now)