Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Isn't this just the cutest! My role as a traveling quilt teacher allows me to meet so many quilters across the country. Then when I'm lucky, opportunities to revisit them turns acquaintances into good friends.

Jackie from Colorado Springs, has built-in bovine radar. She's constantly finding charming greeting cards for me and when we gather in person......I'm often treated with fun items like these....which embellished my teacher's table at the workshop. Squeeze the adorable stuffed cow and it moos. Then, press down on the cow's head of this pen to see its eyes flash and hear more moos. It was a very effective and fun way to get the attention of the class!! Love it....thank you Jackie....I'm going to have big fun with your gifts.

Here are some of the 22 talented and hard working students....Jackie is enthusiastically pulling her beading thread tight....middle table.....she's wearing black. Next to Jackie is another pal Gwen, who flew in all the way from AZ for the weekend. She spoiled me terribly and I loved it!

All the ladies are practicing some of my beading techniques as they embellish a wool felt scissors sheath case. Enjoy viewing their excellent results......

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