Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today I received the latest Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative Newsletter.....that Ami Simms publishes to keep us informed about AAQI's progress and other important information about the fight against Alzheimer's.

There was a reminder to check the website to view all the quilts for sale. This grass roots organization uses the proceeds of these sales to fund Alzheimer's research....I hope you'll consider helping either by purchasing one of the many, many quilts offered or donating a piece for sale.

Some time ago I pledged to raise $1,000 for the cause and have successfully surpassed this goal. However, I won't stop there....my next donation piece is already made and ready for auction soon.

Betyann Shaver of Aiken, SC created this wonderful 6" x 10" piece on linen, using embroidery floss, beads and pearls. It can be yours for $65......item $ 4669....click here to bid.

The design really stood out to me. It was based on Betyann's Zentagle drawing. Zentangle is ALL the rage here......amazingly interesting and fun to do. Some claim the process of repetitive line drawings is calming....frankly....I haven't found that to be true....but it's very satisfying. I guess I'm trying too hard to achieve a design, rather than allowing the process to create one.

Visit Zentangle to learn more. And these youtube videos will provide more insight..click here and here.

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