Monday, February 15, 2010


I need to get this out of my system.......if you listen'll hear me's snowing AGAIN. I've lost count.....thinking this is about # 22 or began snowing again yesterday about 3:00 PM and still continues. Often the snow here is light, fluffy, small flakes....these are big and it's coming down so fast everything in sight is coated....visibility is very low....can't see any of the surrounding mountains at all. School kids have had so many snow days that they just scheduled Saturday classes to make some up.......which got cancelled this weekend due to snow. There will be no school today either. Oh my.......those poor mothers! **Just in.....'the husband' announced a moment ago.....if our power goes out....I'm not to say a word....I'm to come out of the studio, pack my bag and we are going somewhere warm for a few days. That is 'if' we can get down the icy, snow packed mountain road....he's totally serious!! It's not windy, but with all the snow on the trees, surely some branches or trees themselves will come down which causes our power outages. Fingers crossed....I want to sew today! is Monday, the start of a new week and I'm still humming tunes from the fabulous music we heard on Saturday. Luckily we were able to enjoy all 12+ hours of entertainment. This group is the Darrell Webb Band. Another bunch of amazing musicians. I especially enjoy the Dobro (left)....and odd looking guitar that is held and played what it adds to bluegrass. 'The husband' believes it is the most difficult of the bluegrass instruments to conquer. This young man 'owned' his!

Another weird looking instrument which we are seeing more and more now is an electric upright bass, 3rd right in above photo (instead of the tall acoustic we are all familiar with). It simply looks something has been chopped off the bottom...which of course it has!

Darin & Brooke Aldridge made quite a splash at their Bluegrass First Class debut......the perfect pitch sound coming out of this little gal is stunning. Again...sorry for the fuzzy was difficult holding my camera still when shooting over the head of the giant sitting in front of me.

Asheville's very famous.....Steep Canyon Rangers. (An odd name for an Asheville group....personally I'd have chosen one to reflect these Blueridge mountains!!) I digress....despite being a local group....we've never heard them in person before. They had the whole room on their feet when the fiddle player nearly broke his bow playing "Orange Blossom Special". I appreciated that they all wore suits (typical of original bluegrass bands)....even if the bass player, 2nd from left...barely visible..... reminded me of someone from the planet of the apes with his beautiful mane of hair and full beard. We will be looking for them again.....

Incidentally, they often have a guest banjo player....Steve Martin.....yes, THE Steve Martin from Saturday Night Live....we all sort of hoped he'd show matter, this group sure didn't disappoint!!

This bass player was in the Lonesome River Band.....a group we've enjoyed for about 20 years now. I'm singling him out because his attire reminded me more of a rock and roll musician, down to the small gold ring in one ear. I might add he was the only one who sported an earring.....there were NO tattoos visible anywhere.........not in this crowd.

Daily & Vincent is one of our most favorite groups. Darin Vincent is on the upright bass...he's Rhonda Vincent's brother. This group had the crowd eating out of their hands....not only are they superior musician's, to die for vocals, but they know how to work the crowd. I'll spare you the play by play.......only to say each time we see them, we don't think they could get any better.....yet they do. They've hit it big time and deserve it. If you have XM'll hear them frequently on the Bluegrass channel. Or...pick up their newest CD at Cracker Barrel....yes...Cracker Barrel.

To close out the show this year the crowd sat in reverence as Tony Rice (4th from the right) Unit with Josh Williams (he's 2nd right on the mandolin) played. Tony Rice is the undisputed best flat picker in the world. We didn't get home till after 1:00 AM.......still smiling....

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