Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That's right.....move over Martha.....cause Gen Grundy has arrived. PTA (our small fiber group) met at her home last week.....our heads in constant motion trying to take in the results of her talent.

Gen made this beautiful quilt for their master bedroom..... I love the effect of the two alternating machine quilted motifs.

Gen's machine applique is perfection!


Gen has mastered every aspect of quilting as well as every other needle art! Seriously, she knows how to do everything, and do it well. Don't you love this quilt??

She made muslin slip covers for folding chairs to provide attractive temporary seating. We've had so many cancellations due to weather here.....she decided not to press the covers in case we didn't come. It was much appreciated since of course that meant our meeting wasn't cancelled!

The slip cover has a strapping system to hold it snugly to the chair and a nice soft pillow to make sitting more comfortable.

To raise her TV high enough for the VCR to fit beneath it......she spray painted several Reader's Digest books silver so the TV sits on them.

I was such a gawker in her house......and noticed this clever idea. Instead of using expensive ceiling moulding....Gen glued braid to the top of her wall where it meets the ceiling. A unique idea I may just copy!

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