Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've wasted more time getting started on my new project than I care to admit......not sure why.....but I'm struggling.

Our PTA Fiber Group's 2010 challenge is sunrise/sunset......size 32" x 44" and must include some black. At first ideas flew.....but faced with a desire not to purchase any more fabric, but utilize what I already have (which frankly is far less than you'd expect)......has left me in a funk.

I have no forward motion..... and must admit I'm getting cranky....I hate wasting time.

My idea was to feature pine trees, against a 'sunrise' applique background. I thought I could thread paint the pine 'needles'. But realized I needed to use fabrics which would allow this rather delicate stitching to show up. That was my first 'ah ha' moment and I put all those busy batiks back in the closet and got out the nearly solids.

This is the most recent attempt.....the idea is to use just one brighter color....such as yellow. But of course I don't have enough of any one fabric for it to be a whole cloth background. That means I'll have to make a patchwork background using different shades/tones of yellows. Unfortunately, this mock up doesn't work because frankly, I just don't have the right colors.

Reject # 1
Reject # 2 (I've spared you the many other attempts that also failed.)

I think I'll just go scrub some toilets today, at least I'd be accomplishing something. Stay tuned....

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