Sunday, February 28, 2010


When our 'perfect child' met and married the 'perfect in-law', we not only gained a daughter.....our extended family grew as well. We just adore Kelly's parents, who live near the kids, and her brother and his new wife, who live far away in Argentina!

With the exception of 'the parents', everyone has some of my I thought it was time to show our expression of love by making Keiko and Steve a special piece.

It's been created using bamboo/rayon felt....that luscious, easy to work with fabric made by National Nonwovens. Keeping their earth tone color scheme in mind.....I didn't have enough of the brown background to measure an accurate rectangle.

However that didn't concern me too much, because I'd determined the simplicity of the design, would best be showcased in a frame anyway. My usual process of stabilizing the background with a non-fusible interfacing was followed by machine quilting the background to add texture and more strength.

I researched their family name, Hayashi (which means forest or woods) to find their family 'crest' on the internet. It's been translated by machine appliqueing burnt orange bamboo/rayon felt, embellished with square black beads in the center.

The black lettering is 'Hayashi' in Japanese. The piece measures 11" x 14".


Nanette said...

Beautiful!!! I'm sure they'll be extremely happy with their lovely hand-made gift.

Kelly said...

Hi Mouse, this is a lovely, love present. I know my parents will love it so much not only because it it is beautiful, but also because you made it!