Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OH MY!!!

Tuesday weather report......it's snowing......and only 14 degrees. The heating system in homes here are not capable of keeping a comfortable temperature in this cold. The heat pump runs constantly......tick, tick, tick of the electric meter!! Having all the locals tell us this is the worst winter they've experienced since way back to their youth is no longer comforting.....

However, on the positive side....it sure is purrrdy...... I snapped these photos on our walk yesterday morning in our development.....at the end we had a little break and the sun actually came out.

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Vicky F said...

Hi Mary,
Beautiful snow photos.
For what it's worth, your snow is going to be long gone in March and that's when I start whining about how long the dang winter has been. And my friends in the UP will still have 2 feet of snow in May.

Everything is relative! Keep warm!
Vicky F from W. Michigan