Saturday, February 13, 2010


Okay.....I can speak for every living human in this area.......ENUFF!! Stop this maddness.......we've had yet another storm (and one more is predicted for next week!) Snow/ice/sleet # 20 (and I may have missed one or two cause I'm so sick of counting.)

This one was 'unexpected'.....apparently the tail end of the big storm that was hitting the South, which crept up here. What a giant mess....mainly because the roads were warm when the snow started, followed immediately by very cold temps = ICE. Then more blowing snow....accidents everywhere. Remember, there are no straight or flat roads anywhere here = driving drama even in the rain.

We had expected to spend 12+ hrs. at the 15th annual Bluegrass First Class Festival in Asheville but when we ran out to grab dinner after the afternoon performances, we realized we better head home if we wanted to get there. It took what is normally a 25 min. drive......over 2 hours. White knuckled I might add..... there's hardly a cloud in the sky now...the ones you see in the distance will be gone as soon as the sun comes up further..... The mountains will sparkle with this new layer of snow....

We are headed back for 12+ hrs. of great music today......sorry for the whinning....we were disappointed to miss even a minute of our year long awaited event. Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Did any of you ever watch the Andy Griffith Show? Remember the Darlings? One of the groups we saw yesterday afternoon was the Dillards.....aka, of the Darlings. Stay tuned.

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