Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I wish you could all attend our Fiber Junkie meetings......the work the members of this small group is just head spinning. Having such inventive pals is so inspiring!

Here's more of Carol Sloan's show and tell....

Carol is fond of rusting fabric that she uses to incorporate into her work. This is a journal cover made with many torn strips of rusted fabrics and laces.

Inside is the real surprise.....rather than blank paper pages, Carol uses all sorts of recycled paper items.....including vintage magazine advertisments. She'll add large and small blank stickers in areas to provide space for writing profound thoughts!

Recycled envelopes are another good source for pages....

So are paint chips, photos from magazines, and pictures from note cards.....

She even found some old tax and rent bills at an antique place she haunts...... Who'd have thunk it? Well....Carol would!!

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