Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tx's for sticking with me as I accompanied 'the husband' on his annual trek to the Rolex 24 Hour Race at Daytona Beach. (Wet and freezing I might add....with no personal sighting of Dr. McDreamy this year).'s an interesting and sad sight.......a banged up, burnt up Porsche......painful to see. Thankfully, no one was hurt but it illustrates the intensity of this type of auto racing.

The windshield was cracked and taped in.....obviously it was an attempt to keep the car on the track before it's motor blew up and the car caught on fire..... It was wet and wild out there at the start of the race on Saturday afternoon......lot's of action for viewers but lots of damage to the vehicles.

And speaking of consequences to actions.....hummmm this bad boy (white Honda) was parked in the Porsche Paddock this morning when we the FIRST row. Not sure how it slipped by security but it's a definite no, no. We had just arrived.....the front end of our grey car is just visible here...... when the Porsche Club's security guy came by on his motor scooter. We watched as he slowed....recognized the offender....thinking....yikes...this isn't a Porsche.....and almost with a downward set of his he speed. 'The husband' said....I'll bet there will be a tow truck here in 5 mins. to remove the car.

Sure took like 3 minutes.....and another 2 to haul it away. They are very protective of this private parking area which is reserved for Porsche Club of America Members. We benefited by this whole event because we quickly drove into the empty spot and again had a 1st row parking place. (The car owner will certainly be very unhappy and probably totally shocked when he returns and finds that his car was towed away.)

It was really, really cold and windy today......despite having a hospitality tent with a large screen TV to sit in......we finally succumbed to the conditions and departed around 1:30 PM, two hours short of the end of the race. Heck, that's what DVR's are for.....times like this.

So......this is the end of the car talk for awhile......soon I'll be home with needle in hand and time to post photos of two projects I've been working on.....hang in there......sewing chatter to begin soon.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Yes, it was cold yesterday.
And those of us who consider ourselves transplanted Florida natives were bundled up in layers.
I did get in a short walk though!
The temperature made me move faster.