Thursday, February 11, 2010


As much as I've been grousing about our bad weather, 'the husband' has a serious case of cabin does his motorcycle buddy. Grumpy men do not make for a happy household. So, when our friends called and suggested lunch and a trip to one of the local furniture marts....we were out of the door in seconds.

Have you ever seen the TV show....Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food channel? There's a perfect nomination for that show right here in Asheville. 5 Points Restaurant.

It's very small......and nearly full each time we've visited. There's a flat grill on the back wall where the cook is in constant motion. I was fascinated watching his efficient actions. At the moment I took this photo.....some of the counter seats were unoccupied.....a rarity.

Booths and tables fill the outside walls, not more than 6" from the counter...and that's real ambiance but the food is excellent and the prices are 1950's. We've never passed our lips over anything that wasn't scrumptious.

This $6.95 Gyros wrap, with a Greek Salad and french fries filled me for the entire day. It's a good thing we live 35 minutes away.....I'd give up cooking and eat at 5 Points every day.

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