Sunday, June 1, 2008


Here's a few more quilts from the charming little show our fiber art group attended on Friday.

Part of the Shadie Ladies challenge....this quiltmaker used 24 fabrics for her piece.

The final quilt in the challenge.....using 37 different fabrics.  I'm not sure I own 37 fabrics that I could coordinate!  This was really a fun challenge to view.

My current working theme for bead embellishing felted wool is ferns.  The maker has done a great job of adding depth and texture to this piece.  Which brings me to my on going quest in my felted wool work, especially when beads play the single role for the to add more depth.  

Yesterday I played around with leaf pounding (after stenciling and stamping didn't quite hit the mark).....this technique holds some promise. 

This piece was made by the same quilter.....again it echos my interest in nature themes.....we are surrounded here by nature, so inspiration is easy.  However, accomplishing a good composition takes more work, this gal got it right.  I'm sorry I didn't catch her name to share with you.  

The pussy willow buds were made from what looked like velour.  The design was placed over a dark netting which was machine stitched to a hand dyed wholecloth background.

Raw edge applique techniques showcase this piece.

I was really enthralled with this little wall quilt.  The motif is bee balm.....beautifully integrated into well chosen colors and fabrics for the pieced background.  We see these stark bright red plants often when we hike.....and I've always admired their presence.